Friday, July 31, 2009

Criminology Happens

I collect here tables of contents, including abstracts, for several journals of interest to sociologically-oriented criminologists:
American Journal of Sociology (Am J Sociol)
American Sociological Review (Am Socio Rev)
British Journal of Criminology (Brit J Criminol)
Criminology (Criminology)
Criminology and Public Policy (Criminol Public Pol)
Crime and Delinquency (Crime Delinquency)
Critical Criminology (Crit Criminol)
Journal of Criminal Justice (J Crim Just)
Journal of Quantitative Criminology (J Quant Criminol)
Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency (J Res Crime Delinq)
Justice Quarterly (Justice Q)
Law & Society Review (Law Soc Rev)
Social Forces (Soc Forces)
Social Problems (Soc Probl)
Theoretical Criminology (Theor Criminol)
Additionally, I post only tables of contents authors from journals that tend to publish shorter articles or cover broader interests:
American Psychologist (Am Psychol)
Annual Review of Sociology (Annu Rev Sociol)
Annals of the AAPSS (Ann Am Acad Polit SS)
Journal of Marriage and Family (J Marriage Fam)
Psychological Bulletin (Psychol Bull)
Sociological Methodology (Sociol Methodol)
Social Psychology Quarterly (Soc Psychol Quart)
Sociological Theory (Sociol Theory)
Theory and Society (Theor Soc)
Not every journal publishes online on the official date of the issue's publication, so it is not easy to pinpoint exactly when each issue will be available. Justice Quarterly's material, for example, is online over two months before the official publication date, whereas neither AJS nor Social Forces are available until well after the issue date. Regardless of the schedule, each issue is added to Criminology Happens as the abstracts become available online. Each post includes a link to the new issue of the journal.

I also periodically list the forthcoming articles that have been released online prior to collection in their respective issues.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

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