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Journal of Marriage and Family 77(5)

Journal of Marriage and Family, October 2015: Volume 77, Issue 5

Special Section on Asian Families in Context edited by Yingchun Ji

Asian Families at the Crossroads: A Meeting of East, West, Tradition, Modernity, and Gender
Yingchun Ji

Contingent Work Rising: Implications for the Timing of Marriage in Japan
Martin Piotrowski, Arne Kalleberg and Ronald R. Rindfuss

Between Tradition and Modernity: “Leftover” Women in Shanghai
Yingchun Ji

Women's Attitudes Toward Family Formation and Life Stage Transitions: A Longitudinal Study in Korea
Erin Hye-Won Kim and Adam Ka Lok Cheung

Reprivatized Womanhood: Changes in Mainstream Media's Framing of Urban Women's Issues in China, 1995–2012
Shengwei Sun and Feinian Chen

Single and the City: State Influences on Intimate Relationships of Young, Single, Well-Educated Women in Singapore
Karlien Strijbosch

Gender and Children's Housework Time in China: Examining Behavior Modeling in Context
Yang Hu

Brief Reports

The Great Recession, Fertility, and Uncertainty: Evidence From the United States
Daniel Schneider

Gender Composition of Children and the Third Birth in the United States
Felicia F. Tian and S. Philip Morgan

The Changing Association Among Marriage, Work, and Child Poverty in the United States, 1974–2010
Regina S. Baker

Stepfather–Adolescent Relationship Quality During the First Year of Transitioning to a Stepfamily
Valarie King, Paul R. Amato and Rachel Lindstrom

Dimensional Latent Structure of Relationship Quality: Results of Three Representative Population Samples
Sören Kliem, Heather M. Foran, Johannes Beller, Kurt Hahlweg, Yve Stöbel-Richter and Elmar Brähler

Of General Interest

Nonmarital Relationships and Changing Perceptions of Marriage Among African American Young Adults
Ashley B. Barr, Ronald L. Simons and Leslie Gordon Simons

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